DIY Biscotti Gift Bag

DIY Biscotti Gift Bag: Biscotti: Almond, Anise, Chocolate, Sesame Crystallized-Ginger Spice Bars, Cuccidati, Panforte

DIY biscotti Made in House ready for gifting. The “best gifts” as nonna said, “are made by hand.” With that in mind, I collected my favorite biscotti 2018. Purchase or make a decorative gift bag, print a label, cut and swirl some ribbon, and these biscotti are good to gift. The challenge is on, start the year by baking cookies to perfect and build a delicious 2019 gift bag.

Salt Tax

Salt in Italian cooking is a luxury ingredient. To this day, Italian bread has very little salt.

calamari squid


Calamari salad is a delicious oddity from the sea and a very familiar Italian side dish.