The entrée or main dish is the star of any menu.

I love to cook, as you may have guessed. I love the chemistry, the way foods blend and transform into a medley of textures, colors and flavors.

Cooking is an adventure for me, from researching old techniques to keeping up with the newest ideas and trends. Perfecting a recipe is fun. Preparing the same recipe over and over, adding my ideas to the mix tasting until I get it right, this is what I like to do.

I get it, most of us have little interest or time to learn how to cook. I meet people who were never allowed into the kitchen and that makes me sad. I suggest cooking is enjoyable. I designed this site to encourage everyone to enter the kitchen and cook. 

Try cooking an entrée. The following recipes are quick and easy to make. The benefits of eating a homemade meal will change your level of energy, your body shape and your pocketbook.

P.S. Make enough for more than one meal.