Hot Tea


To make the perfect cup of hot tea, experiment with steeping time, water temperature and the amount of tea to use. Read the package for brewing tips and practice until you find the perfect flavor.

  • One level teaspoon for every cup. Leafy teas like mint, chamomile, green tea or oolong could use an extra teaspoon.
  • Tea bag teas are usually one per cup of tea, double it for stronger tea.
  • Start with cold filtered water

Heat the water to just below boiling or 150° to 209° F.
Steeping time, 1 to 3 minutes.

There are so many types of leafs used to brew tea, I will never taste them all in my lifetime.
Enjoy the adventure of trying new teas.

Flavor options

Almond milk, ginger, lemon, lime, milk, mint leaves, orange.