DIY Biscotti Gift Bag

DIY Biscotti Gift Bag: Biscotti: Almond, Anise, Chocolate, Sesame Crystallized-Ginger Spice Bars, Cuccidati, Panforte

DIY biscotti Made in House ready for gifting. The “best gifts” as nonna said, “are made by hand.” With that in mind, I collected my favorite biscotti 2018. Purchase or make a decorative gift bag, print a label, cut and swirl some ribbon, and these biscotti are good to gift. The challenge is on, start the year by baking cookies to perfect and build a delicious 2019 gift bag.

Late Harvest Tomatoes

Meet the crusher

Late harvest tomatoes meet the crusher. Roasted tomatoes peel easily.

Preserved Meyer Lemons

Meyer Lemon Magic!

Preserved Meyer Lemon Magic! A tribute to Paula Wolfert and The Food of Morocco.

carrot stubs

Carrot Stubs

Carrot stubs or carrots cut into bits creep me out.

green apples in wicker basket

Wicker Care

Wicker care is vital for baskets, made with branches, grasses, or reeds.

Vegetable Brush

Vegetable Brush

A vital kitchen tool, the vegetable brush earns its keep serving multi-tasks.

Microwave Popcorn

Microwave Popcorn

Microwave popcorn is the perfect snack and nothing could be easier to make.

calamari squid


Calamari salad is a delicious oddity from the sea and a very familiar Italian side dish.

Salt Tax

Salt in Italian cooking is a luxury ingredient. To this day, Italian bread has very little salt.

Song of Solomon By Toni Morrison

Soft-boiled Egg

“The yolk I want soft, but not runny. Want it like wet velvet. …”